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Yes, we've all gone on really bad (or just plain boring) dates, but the bigger problem behind the "dating sucks" mentality isn’t dating itself.

In my experience, it’s about the limiting thoughts we bring to the process and how we respond to them.

After all, dating really is just about meeting new people and exploring the possibility of connection.

Here's what might be causing trouble: Everyone can relate to this one.

So, for anyone out there who has ever thought, "Dating sucks!

How could you enjoy taking a walk with a new person and getting to know them if your brain is 50 million miles away in the mountains, worrying about an experience that has yet to come?

Whether you’re going on dates with someone you met online or IRL, it’s crucial to know what you want going into the date. Ask them questions up front and be honest with how you feel about their responses!

Remember, no one is "right" or "wrong"—they might just have different priorities than you, and that’s OK. Many people I know—me included—are often drawn to dating because it scratches the itch we all share to be liked, to feel attractive, to be the object of someone else’s attention.

It’s a bad habit and it can cause you to miss things.

Sometimes have to just live, and when it comes to dating, we have to enjoy the moment without obsessing about what the future may bring. Stop thinking of engagement rings, wedding dresses and the baby shows and just find out if the person in front of you is someone you truly enjoy being around. When it comes to dating, I find that I’ve had my most rewarding experiences when I left my expectations at home.

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