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Body worn cameras are not just for police, law enforcement, and investigative personnel: the average consumer may use them too!

He pulled on a dirty pair of jeans and ran his fingers through his shoulder-length hair until it was reasonable. They exchanged words, and the mom scooted over, having Bryce sit next to her. You'll always be ready to record at a moment's notice.A body worn spy camera also makes a great gift for any extreme sports enthusiast who's looking to record a stunt, or your everyday gadget geek who enjoys on-the-go recording.“Lancaster fire-” the point of view said, more to himself. He looked toward the exit sign, and there was only the press, people crammed together until they were chest-to-back, shoulder-to-shoulder. She wasn’t even looking at what she was doing, as she turned her face down and away from the thicker smoke. He looked around, at the trash cans, at the signs that were built into the wall, frames sticking an inch or two out, locked plexiglass doors protecting the contents from vandalism. He seized her arm, and as he leaned down, someone bumped into him. Only his grip on the side of one of the sign-frames kept him from falling. Further down the hallway, a group of people fell like dominoes. Seizing the opportunity, only seeing the gap, people pushed past him, bumped into him.

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Each section was littered with debris of different sorts. The only thing about him that stood out was that his glasses were scratched up, to the point where it wasn’t possible to see his eyes. It was black leather, and it had real teeth set into it. “I made a replacement, I want to make the other match it.” “Today? He kept the three rectangles of metal in his section of the table. The girls are making breakfast.” “I will,” he said, before adding an automatic, “thank you auntie.” She left the door open as she left. Swinging his feet over to the side of the bed, he looked at his hands, turning them over. No damage from moving the objects on the five sided table, no cuts on his fingers or blood on the back of his hand. ” “I’ve been going over to the junkyard to shoot at bottles. Nope, drawing wiggly lines in the dirt with his stick. There was no parking lot, so the cars and trucks were parked haphazardly. “May they be with the Lord.” It demanded a response. “We remember the bad days, we remember the .” His tanned face was expressive as he emphasized words like ‘end’ and ‘scared’, lines crinkling in around his eyes, betraying him as thirty-something. “All through the city, through the many worlds, people are scared know it. The speaker continued, “You’re scared and you’re scared with good reason. “We’re gonna be okay,” he said, his eyes narrowing. This king Sihon would not allow Israel to pass through his territory.

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