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moment, looking in the rear-view mirror and seeing a giant T. Consider the rankings of tech and media companies by total market capitalization — together, Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook have a combined market cap that’s closing in on trillion.

The only traditional, non-telco media players at 0 billion or greater are Disney and Comcast. Media companies will likely feel pressure to bulk up, just to compete.

Direct-to-consumer is another key priority for Lionsgate, which added two new streaming services to Starz’s 2-million-subscriber-strong on-demand platform.

Two more streaming services launched over the summer — Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud and Pantaya, which offers day-and-date access to Spanish-language films as they debut in Latin American theaters. C., may well accelerate the pace of media acquisitions.

“Which could mean that any digital service will only be able to guarantee their U. users a high quality of service if they broker a deal with each and every telco,” wrote Midia analyst Mark Mulligan.It plans to harness this wealth of entertainment assets to launch a streaming service of its own to challenge Netflix.The mega-merger only underscores the fate of the media left-behinds, those smaller industry players that will find it increasingly hard to survive in the land of giants.Disney’s billion offer for the majority of 21st Century Fox’s film and television assets is widely seen as a defensive maneuver — an attempt to fortify the media conglomerate for battle with the bigger, better resourced technology companies that are rushing into the entertainment business.In the coming clash of titans, Disney has expanded its pantheon of superheroes to include the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool, added a lucrative sci-fi/fantasy franchise in , and loaded up on popular television fare including The Simpsons and American Horror Story.

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