Updating hdd firmware

- Improvement: when starting DVD playback, if shell_ext plugin is required for DVD playback but is not installed, the system automatically proposes to install shell_ext plugin (and to initialize system storage, if needed).

- Improvement: added correct support for adding plugin entry point to "Favorites" even if plugin has multiple entry points, and even if entry point is on the main screen.

The current status of "Dune Plus" subscription can be seen in the new menu "Setup / Premium Functions".

- In other words: "Dune Plus" subscription allows the owners of old/discontinued Dune HD media player models to upgrade their players to get access to features originally available only on the newer player models.- Initially, a promo period takes place and "Dune Plus" premium function is available for all users for free.After the promo period ends, a paid subscription will be required (with some limited trial period still available for free).TV application could be slightly slower than expected in some cases.- Bugfix: Screen did not darken properly when EPG OSD was shown.

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The new firmware may require System Storage to get access to some new features. 2GB USB flash drive attached to any USB port) may be required to install additional software components when using players which do not have enough internal flash memoty or which do not have enough free space in the internal flash memory.

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