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[D1] What are the regulatory obligations of a Principal Investigator (PI)?

[D2] Who can be a Principal Investigator (PI) of a clinical trial?

[B6] What are the regulatory requirements for conducting clinical trials on health supplements?

[B7] What are the applicable ICH guidelines that the Health Sciences Authority adopts for clinical trials?

[A3] Can I submit my clinical trial application to HSA and the IRB concurrently?

[A6] What are the subsequent applications required to be submitted to HSA following receipt of the authorisation (for CTA), acceptance of notification (for CTN) or approval (for CTC) by HSA?

[A1] What are the regulatory requirements for clinical trials in Singapore?

[A2] How can I determine if my clinical trial requires Clinical Trial Authorisation (CTA), Clinical Trial Notification (CTN) or a Clinical Trial Certificate (CTC)?

[F4] What should the sponsor do when there is a change in the contact person?

[F5] What should the local sponsor do when there is a change in company address?

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