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Renting a flat in Amsterdam The Netherlands has a somewhat unusual points system called the .

This is a way of assessing and assigning a rental price to social housing and rent-controlled properties, and also provides a guide price for housing in the free market sector.

In practice, as the point system only applies to low value properties (up to EUR 699.48 per month in 2014), applicants must be earning less than around EUR 34,000 per year to apply and the waiting list for social housing is typically 3–10 years.

As a result, most expats find themselves renting in the free market sector (properties over EUR 699.48 per month).

However, once agreed, rent should only increase in line with inflation once per year and there is strong legal protection for renters.

) and any additional charges paid by the landlord on your behalf, such as heating bills, electricity charges or service costs.

Expect to pay two months' rent up front as the deposit.Often, tenants will be happy to pass on flooring, light fittings and other fixtures for a nominal fee rather than go through the hassle of ripping them out and taking them to the tip.The flip side to completely unfurnished properties is that you are generally allowed free reign with regards to decorating the property.'Unfurnished' means that flats can come without any fittings or furnishings, for example, light fittings or a fridge.As such, you may be offered items (such as carpets or kitchen appliances) by the landlord or previous tenants for a fee; you do not have to accept and can negotiate the price.

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A compact city criss-crossed with beautiful residential streets and famous canals, Amsterdam is regularly voted one of the most popular destinations for expats and visitors alike.

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