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This is an organized event where several people come together all at once and have a sort of a “power mingle.” The process allows people to meet more than one potential match at once, therefore increasing the chances of finding that special someone a little bit sooner.

You will not like everyone you meet, but listen to what they say, and some may catch your attention.

Usually, all participants would gather together in a room that has tables and chairs or somewhere else that’s comfortable enough for you to “date” each other.

The “dates” usually last anywhere from three to nine minutes, and then a signal will be given for participants to mark down whether or not they’d like to see the person again, and then it is time to move on to the next “date.” Typically, within a few days, the speed date coordinator will call you with information on who wanted to see you again, and they can provide a method for communication if you both so choose.

It’s Fun You may be surprised how fun speed dating is.

You get to meet and talk to lots of interesting people, which makes for some great stories to share with friends.

You may find out that this was the best decision you’ve ever made.

If someone has taken the step to go to a dating event, though, that’s a clear indication of actively looking for a match and being willing to put oneself out there to get it.

Low-Commitment, High Possibilities In speed dating, you typically have 3-10 minutes with each date, and on a card, you mark “yes” if you are interested in each person and “no” if you’re not.

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As not everybody enters their matches on the first day, it’s important to keep checking back!

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