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Apart from book sales, the event includes lectures from some of the authors, some theatre and dance performances, as well as film sessions. Cuba's famous brands, including Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagas, Romeo y Julieta, H Upman, and even smaller privately run Robaina, are all involved.Visits to cigar factories and tobacco plantations are on offer, and seminars, cigar rolling demonstrations, and tastings are included. Back to top of page The life and works of 18th Century Cuban composer Esteban Salas are celebrated in this annual festival that has been celebrated since 2003, which was the year that represented 200 years since the composer had died.

Back to top of page Santiago de Cuba is the host city for this festival which celebrates the Trova music genre.Percussion in Cuba is a revered art and taken very seriously.It is even a sacred act in many Afro-Cuban religious ceremonies, where the beating of drums communicates with the gods. It is named after a well known trova song composed in 1918 by popular Cuban musician Manuel Corona.Corona was born in the Villa Clara Province, of which Santa Clara is the capital.

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