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The different strips could at times contrast heavily with each other, with different strips aimed at different age groups or with a different balance between comedy and drama: the humour-based Decap Attack strip could appear alongside the darker and more violent Streets of Rage strip.Lew Stringer has stated that majority of readers were aged between five and ten and many strips were written with this in mind: "That doesn't mean that older readers can't appreciate the stories and artwork of course but it's worth bearing in mind that if the stories sometimes seem juvenile, it's because they are. Written and drawn by a genuine nerd, which makes for a lot of in-jokes with Jason's video games, comic books and general geekery. For example, if you thought space aliens were going to come and take away half the world's cows, you might want to load up on cattle futures, since the low supply would send their value through the roof. I mean, look at what it teaches: that human disembowelment is entertainment.."winners" decapitate their enemies..carnage is spelled with a "K"... Roger, the techno-fossil dad should never be allowed to plan vacations. And Jason occasionally draws a comic book called Slug-Man, whose nemesis is the evil Paige-o-Tron. They subsequently welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Sienna, the following year.Every step of the way, Wilson has not shied away from gushing about the woman by his side.

In a bedroom set shared on her social media, the songstress stripped down to an oversized T-shirt and posed in the sheets for none other than her husband Russell Wilson.

He acted as a liaison between the readers (whom he called "boomers") and the "humes who think they're in charge".

Megadroid had a one-off strip, in which he ran away from the STC offices to a seaside town only to return from his harrowing experience to attend to the needs of the boomers.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback traded in a football for a camera and played photographer for his famous wife.

The sexy shots feature Ciara with minimal—if any—makeup and retouching as she strikes a few poses around the bedroom, braids cascading down her shoulders.

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