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At the end of the digital day, online dating is a numbers game.

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Gone are the days where only tech enthusiasts and socially challenged singles were hanging their digital hats on dating sites. have tried online dating to find a love connection. So without further digital ado, here are seven dating tips to help you find love online in 2013:1.

Whether you vowed to make love a priority in 2013 or your relationship ran its course over the holidays, you’ll be in fine company with other singles looking for love online this year. Here's what you need to know about the most popular sites.

When you log on frequently, those considering writing to you will see that you’re an active member.

He or she will know that dating is high on your priority list and will think they’ll have a better chance at receiving a response.

Be specific: General profiles all tend to blend together and can be viewed as boring or too typical.

Make your profile shine by being specific about what you’re looking for.

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