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She jumped on our bed, and laid down, seeming very excited for what was to come.

I sat beside her, rubbing her belly, fingering her tits gently, talking to her as our lover, which she is.

Then it was time for the warm-up, for my friend and I to show my boyfriend what it’s like, giving to her hard and deep.

Seeing how much she enjoyed it, as much as we did, went a long way to calming his concerns. My friend and I gave him plenty of reassurance, but that first time with her was awakward for both him and the bitch.

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Meeting my friend for the second time, and his bitch for the first went well.

She has a loving, playful personality, a beautiful girl.

Jump forward to the day that he meets my friend’s yellow lab girl.

He had recanted some stories of his play with a couple stud K-9’s and how hot it was to literally be riding the red dog cock and having his gut pumped full of doggy cum.( NOw he has us wondering what having our guts filled with doggy cock and cum would be like) Now he wanted to find out how a man’s cock would feel.

I told him since we do not have claws to leave marks that he might not like it.. He turned out to be a natural at sucking cock and getting his ass ridden!

Jumping up and kissing us, knowing that she was going to have her way with the humans.

After some initial warming up, us guys playing, sucking, stroking each others cocks, and she nosing around and giving us loving licks, it was time to warm her up.

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  1. Sam drops the following bomb: Flash (be it cellphone or otherwise) adds seven years to your profile pic. You know the shot—the universally-maligned “ My Space Angle” selfie is achieved by holding your camera above your head and being just so darn coy. That’s fine, but if you’re wearing sunglasses, your dream guy might think you’re hiding something.