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After that, he won the Emmy Award thrice in 2009, 2010, and 2010. He married Lisa Ann Russell, who is a former model on December 5, 2011. He became the stepfather of Russell's two children, son Michael, and daughter Ava from her previous marriage with Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

I would have never predicted who was going to win or be in at the end. ' I think there are a lot of things we haven't seen in a while, and I think the audience is going to enjoy it.

But Kelley's main worry now is her dad's social skills — or lack thereof.

"Dale lives on a farm and doesn't really talk to anybody, and that was his daughter's biggest concern," Probst says.

At the beginning of each episode, a pair of loved ones will go up against each other in a "hero challenge." The loser of the challenge is sent to Exile Island. I love you, but I'm about to kick your ass.' Until it's over and then your loved one is crying as they're being sent to Exile and you're going, 'Oh my God, what did I just do? It's so easy to say, just do what you need to do before the game starts.

So right from the beginning there was a new strategy." Photos: Meet the cast of .

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But their time on won't exactly be a fairytale, Probst cautions. "But what's interesting is watching their relationship play out.

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