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It's easy for the email lookup scammers to get it if you give it up directly.

Even with the remailer, though, all a scammer has to do is reply to your ad.

A member of the Leaked Source group told me that about half of the passwords -- around 12 million -- were easily cracked using readily available cracking tools.

That's because, according to the group's blog post, the sites "all used some variation of MD5 with or without unique salts", an algorithm that is considered insecure by today's standards.

When you reply from your email address with your resume, all of a sudden the scammer has a lot of information about you, right?

• Here's a favorite of email lookup scammers: They'll post an ad for a car at a ridiculously low price, but won't include any contact information.

You respond from your regular email address, and bam - they now have your email addy.• Some Craig's List email lookup schemes are a bit more complex, and in reality, the phishers are looking for more information than just your email address.

Two hackers carried out attacks on three separate game-related forums in July and August.The hackers' names aren't known, but they used known SQL injection vulnerabilities found in older v Bulletin forum software to get access to the databases.An analysis of the breached data showed that hackers took 12.8 million accounts from ru; a total of 8.9 million records from ru, and 3.2 million accounts from ru.The hackers were able to obtain usernames, email addresses, scrambled passwords, and birthdays.Some of the forums allowed the hackers to also obtain IP addresses (which could be used to determine location) and phone numbers.

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