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Particularly for children reaching their older years of adolescence, it’s incredibly important that they have a parent who shows ambition, and drive to achieve their goals, whether that be in the home, at work, or life in general.Children who set personal goals are more likely to achieve them if they learned healthy success-related habits from their parents.In terms of alcoholism and having an effect on your child, there is a fine line to walk.A parent doesn’t have to be a raging drunk every night in order to have an effect; they don’t have to be arrested with an unusual DUI charge they don’t have to have the fridge stocked full of booze.They may become a “hands-off” pet owner, because they simply never learned how to be affectionate and caring physically and anyone with a dog knows how troubling that might be for a pet.While this section is less of a warning sign and more of a merit, it’s a continuation of my points in number four.should one of the parents not line up with the financial desires of the other, there’s more being put at risk than simply not being able to go out to dinner or the movies on a weekend.Should this be a parental example in a child’s life, there are chances the child will either become a “spendaholic” as well, or perhaps turn into a money-miser and refuse to spend the money on the things they actually need.

Nevermind paying the bills, the mortgage, buying food, buying gas…

Looking back now, as an adult, I can say for certain that my dad’s choice to leave my mom was the best one, both for himself and for me.

The person I’ve turned into, despite being a “child of divorce,” is one far more successful and happy than what I might’ve become had my mom remained a constant in my life.

Should one of their parents not show these traits, however, it can lead to confusion and questioning.

They will see one parent working hard to meet their goals, and the other who might remain in bed watching TV all day, and soon they may begin wondering, “Why should I have to do anything I don’t want to, when Mom/Dad doesn’t?

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