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A high-ridged blade will lose about half its cutting power when, for example, cutting straw targets in sumeono giri.

Comparatively blades with a shallow ridgeline generally have a better cutting ability, although this can vary with the blade's width.

"If the shinogi is high the blade is strong a can cut hard materials.

Sword appreciation societies actually have meetings where a blade is displayed in this manner and the participants have to guess the period, school and smith. such distinctions between high and low shinogi and the amount of niku are most important, just from a different perspective.

We see the development of chain mail, and plate armour made of steel and leather. It's also important to understand that the Japanese sword was hampered in its development to start with.

Domestic Japanese steel, tamahagane, isn't very good.

Even after the legendary Amakuni, blades still broke; that's the nature of warfare and combat.

Blades frequently chipped and bent and in a self-defence scenario you do not want your primary weapon to fail you.

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