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If he decides that he likes you more than the girl he's with, then great; just don't try to make them their break up or it could all end in tears.

They would usually mess with girls that don't like them because...a) They like the girl and are trying to hint that to them, but boys aren't very good flirters so you will have to try and guess or...b) They are obnoxious twirps and are full of themselves so are trying to get the prettiest girlfriend...

It doesn't mean anything, it just means that you have hormones and maybe you think the person is hot.

If that person wants to fight you tell someone: principal, parent, police, ect. Either way try the first, if that isn't it, then you may want to gift wrap him some make up, pick out a pretty dress for him, and make your next date a night out at ye ol Chip and say how are you and if she ignores you comment her on shoes or purse and walk away then she'll come over and say you just commented me on my purse/shoes and just walked away?

Watch to see if he makes moves on you and also see if you two have the same hobbies and interests.

One of you will ask each other out probably and remember... But you should wait a while to see where things lead up to.

then you will say yeah then say do you want to go out sometime? Our relationship is strong enough that, while we can't help but be a little worried that the other has options, we're still together and don't even consider those other people. That's something you'll have to decide for yourself.

if that doesn't work then say what you really feel... And depending on the type of girl she is, but if you two have been close then go for it.

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Go slowly though, go about 90% of the way and let her decide if she wants to go the rest of the 10. If you aren't sure who to date, tell the person your going out with that you need a little time to yourself or that you aren't sure about going out with him. You never really know when he will ask you out until he actually asks you.

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