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In addition to a leaner and faster OS, Google has also built a set of optimized apps that are smaller than their full Android counterparts.

Users will still be able to download full versions of any apps available in the Play Store, but pre-loaded Google apps—including the Google app, Google Assistant, You Tube, Google Maps, Gmail, Gboard, Google Play, Chrome, and the new Files app—will be optimized to run faster with less memory.

In Android 8.1, order has been restored, and the emoji has been redesigned to put the cheese on top of the burger.

Google’s ambient display in Android 8.0 introduced a minimal look that might be When you press the power button to shut down or restart your device in Android 8.1, the options will no longer take over your entire screen.

You can opt to disable all app dots in the Notification settings, but if you want more control over which app gets to display the blue dot, each app has its own toggle.

To tweak the settings for each app, go to Settings, then Picture-in-picture is a very new Android feature, and as such, it only works with a couple apps, namely You Tube and Chrome.

Android Go is a stripped-drown version of the full Android release designed specifically for devices with 512MB to 1GB of memory.

It’s meant to boost the speed and reliability of entry-level devices, as well as provide security and reliability that’s often missing in low-end phones.

In Android 8.1, all users can now enjoy the pseudo dark theme.Google says developers are building “Go” versions of many popular third-party apps, too.While Android Go is built into Android 8.1, it will take several months before the first devices to use the new OS arrive.Tap and you’ll get a list of any apps that support autofill (including Google’s own service), and you’ll be able to select the one you want.Night Light was one of our favorite new features in Android Nougat, but Google didn’t allow any control over it. Head over to the Display tab in the Settings app and you’ll find a new intensity slider below the Night Light toggle.

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