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At no time have I ever known them to be anything other than that, however I will confirm this for my own peace of mind by digging them out of storage. Berenstein/stain had me spooked King Ken6669 said: I, too, remember pronouncing Berenstain – “Burn-steen” my entire life.

Brian said: Other things I remember are Berenstein…However, like most of these memories, readers aren’t in lockstep, universal agreement.ALL the time, I was reading BERENSTEIN, and our next-door neighbor was Mr.Steinman (pronounced “STINE”) so I asked my grandmother if it was pronounced Beren-STINE or Beren-STEEN.I was quite surprised when I saw the thread and the claim – it’s a hard thing to swallow.My first thought, naturally, was “i’m misremembering” – that wasn’t enough, I tried to make some sense of it in my post here.

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