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5.6 Can I post here if my news feed doesn't include the correct group? 5.7 Can I post here if my library doesn't have the specified reference? 5.8 Can I post articles I found in Usenet or on the Internet? 5.9 Should I post the email address of an expert I found?

5.11 Should I state why I require the requested information? 5.12 What other chemistry-focused newsgroups exist?

Due to propagation delays, some WWW and archive sites may not contain all parts of the latest version, but a WWW search engine should locate those parts at other sites. His superb posts on a wide range of chemical topics were both informative and entertaining. This FAQ is intended to provide answers to chemistry-related questions that have appeared several times in

Changes: - added a pointer in the prologue to Richard Guy's WWW version. He established the tradition of friendly, authoritative, and accurate answers to many chemistry-related questions. It is also intended to guide the curious to written and electronic information sources for the major areas of chemistry that are discussed in

12.8 What is the difference between Molarity and Normality? 12.9 Where can I find the composition of common named reagents?

If you are lost in your library, ask the nearest librarian :-).

7.5 What chemical patent information is available on-line? 7.6 Which FTP sites contain chemistry-related material?

7.8 How can I contact Chemical Societies electronically?

As is a chemistry discussion group, posters should have at least used any available basic reference texts to ensure their question is coherently presented.

The first steps are yours, we will then endeavour to help you walk, and perhaps even run, safely through the minefields of chemistry :-).

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